- Concrete Plants
          Brasov, str. Zizinului

    - Sorting Plants
                (crushing units)

    - Mixers, Concrete pump,
   Dump, Excavators, Loaders,
    Cranes, Vibropress for     making curbs and bricks


The provision with modern transportation and construction equipment, the concern for being always informed about everything that is happening in the construction field, made that, year after year, the products and services offered by us to comply with the legislation in force.

With an average number of 70 employees, adequate technical personnel, TONG CONSTRUCT S.R.L. has managed to carry out, successfully, all contracts with collaborators.

The main activity of the company is in the constructions field both civil and industrial as well as roads and bridges.

In the civil construction segment among completed projects there should be mentioned: construction of residential buildings, office building, gyms, commercial building and places of worship.

We also accomplished various projects for the construction and rehabilitation of national, county and local roads, railway,rehabilitation and construction of bridges and culverts, embankments and water courses regulation, torrents corrections, water supply works.

With seriousness and professionalism we managed at the beginning of 2002 to extend our activity abroad, starting collaborations with partners from Germany and Italy. Among the works performed with our German and Italian partners there should be mentioned: the construction of a casino (in Ober-Ramstadt), residential and office buildings (in Karlsruhe, Nurnberg, Sedico, Vezzano, Treviso, Santa Giustina, Alta Badia), administrative office (in Wiesloch) and schools (in Bensheim-Auerbach, Au am Inn).

The Company has obtained and implemented the integrated quality and environmental management system (ISO 9001) (ISO 14001). Other certifications obtained: OHSAS 18001 (health and work safety management system), SA 8000 (social standards management system), EN 16001 (Energy Management System) certificates of concrete and aggregate conformity. The management department of the company is constantly concerned to increase labor productivity, customer satisfaction and to diversify the range of services and products offered to its customers. In this sense, we are constantly trying to buy new equipment, in accordance with EU requirements, seeking for execution and technical staff with experience and professional training necessary to maintain the company on the top of constructors in Brasov market and to be competitive in the field we operate.

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