About us


Founded on the manufacturers market in 1995, TONG CONSTRUCT S.R.L. has always had an ascending evolution both at the level of the achievements, as well as regarding the technical endowment and the professionalism of the employees.

          Company with privately owned capital, TONG CONSTRUCT S.R.L. has secured, due to the promptness, fairness and reliability with which the concluded contracts were performed, a well-deserved place among the construction companies in Brasov County.

About us

          The provision of means of transport and modern construction equipment, the permanent concern for being constantly informed about everything that happens in the field of constructions, has made our products and services, each year, to comply with the legislation in force.

          The company has a staff of 45 employees, a good technical staff composed of: 6 engineers, 4 foremen, 5 team leaders, the rest being carpenters, blacksmiths, electricians, machine mechanics, unskilled workers. Being a company active in construction, the number of employees is fluctuating.

          The main activity of the company is in the field of both civil and industrial constructions, as well as roads and bridges.

          In the civil construction segment, among the projects accomplished are: construction of residential buildings, construction of office buildings, construction of sports halls, construction of commercial spaces, construction of catholic dwellings.

          We have also executed various projects for the construction and rehabilitation of national, county and local roads, rehabilitation and construction of bridges and footbridges, impoundment and regularization of water courses, torrent corrections.

          Due to our seriousness and professionalism, we have succeeded since 2002 to expand our activity beyond the borders of our country, starting with our partners in Germany and Italy. Among the works carried out with our German and Italian partners are: casino construction (in Ober-Ramstadt), residential buildings and office buildings construction (in Karlsruhe, Nurnberg, Sedico, Vezzano, Treviso, Santa Giustina, Alta Badia) administrative premises construction (in Wiesloch), school building (in Bensheim-Auerbach, Au am Inn). The among the Beneficiaries of the woks in Germany and Italy  are : WESKRA PARTNER FUR MASSINBAU GmbH, DIRINGER&SCHEIDEL, WEIRAUCH-BAU GmbH, BAUUNTERNEHMUNG Huser GmbH , IMPREMOVITER SRL.

          Among the works we have made are: Sports halls (Mircea Cristea High School and 27th General School), Residential dwellings (in Brasov, Poiana Brasov), Block of flats S + P + 9E + M in Brasov (near Sports Hall), improvements on roads in Teliu, Budila, Busteni, Sanpetru, bridges (Brasov City Hall, CNADNR- The National Company of National Highways and Roads)

          The company has achieved and implemented the integrated quality management system (ISO 9001) and environment (ISO 14001). Other certifications: OHSAS 18001 (health and safety management system), compliance certificates for concrete and fossa products.

          The management of the company is constantly concerned with increasing work productivity, satisfying customer requirements and diversifying the range of services and products offered to its clients. In this sense, we are constantly trying to acquire new equipment in accordance with EU requirements, and we aim to have the technical and professional staff needed to maintain ourselves in the top of the construction market from Brasov and to be competitive in the field in which we activate.

Since 2013, the company has opened a representative office in Baghdad, registered under number 3974 / 23.08.2013. Beginning with 04.03.2018 the company has opened a branch in Irak.


The main activities are consultancy activity and  civil construction and civilian civil engineering.

The company executes:

Consultancy activity for water supply and sewage works.

Road construction and rehabilitation works

Construction, repair and consolidation of bridges and footbridges works
Industrial buildings
Construction of residential complexes
Construction of administrative premises

Maintenance and repair works for buildings and related installations
Deliveries of concrete, aggregate gravel pit, prefabricated concrete.


We produce and deliver aggregates of gravel pit, concrete, hoe, mortar, precast concrete.

Concrete transport is realized by means of own concrete mixers with the capacity of 7, 9 and 10 cm respectively.

Pumping of the concrete is achieved with the help of a motor pump that has a 32 ml arm.

We provide services with our equipment and means of transport.

At the same time, the funeral service workshop provides services and materials specific to this activity.


The registered office is in Brasov, str. Zizinului, nr. 109bis.

Concrete station SBMS, – Brasov county, str. Zizinului, nr. 109bis.

The sorting station is located in Budila locality, Brasov County.

The concrete plant is located in the locality Prejmer, county Brasov.


Premises: Romania, county Brasov, str. Zizinului, nr. 109bis, postal code 500407

Telephone: 0268/332021

Fax: 0268/ 708227

e-mail: directtong@yahoo.com

web: www.tongconstruct.ro